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Crores Lie Unclaimed in Demat A/Cs, Learn how to Safeguard Your Financial savings?


With hundreds of crores of rupees mendacity unclaimed because of the lack of nominations, the Securities and Change Board of India (SEBI) has put out a session paper on easing the nominee course of in your Demat accounts and different securities in case of any antagonistic occasions. Here is what which means for you and the steps you possibly can take to guard your belongings.

Let’s face it. None of us can foresee what’s ready across the bend.

Making certain your family members are safeguarded in case of any unexpected circumstances is paramount. But, shockingly, many overlook a easy but essential step: including nominations to all their investments, financial institution accounts, and insurance coverage insurance policies.

It’s not merely about streamlining issues in your beneficiaries; it’s about safeguarding your hard-earned cash from being misplaced and guaranteeing it stays rightfully claimed.

What’s actually astonishing is the numerous quantity of unclaimed belongings presently mendacity idle in demat accounts, mutual funds, and insurance coverage insurance policies because of the lack of nomination. Estimated to be anyplace between Rs 50,000 and 80,000 crore, this huge quantity has no house to go to.

Seeing the issue, the Securities and Change Board of India (SEBI) has printed a session paper on easing the nominations in your Demat accounts and different securities.

Why nomination is necessary

Together with nominees in demat accounts is indispensable in guaranteeing the seamless switch of securities, equivalent to shares, bonds, and mutual funds, within the unlucky occasion of the account holder’s demise. This important step ensures that the transmission of those securities is clean and with out dangers. Consequently, it shields the investments made by the account holder from the potential for being misplaced or entangled in authorized quagmires.

By including nominees to your accounts, you’re not simply simplifying issues in your beneficiaries — you’re additionally securing a brighter, extra secure future for these you maintain pricey.

What the session paper by SEBI says

The session paper by SEBI encapsulates near all of the potential doubts you’ll have in regards to the nomination course of for securities.

Earlier than inspecting its contents, it is very important perceive {that a} session paper is a doc meant to spark dialogue round coverage proposals and concepts. Subsequently, not one of the factors put ahead by SEBI are binding, i.e. create a brand new regulation or coverage. They’re merely suggestions laid down for additional dialog and consideration.

Trying on the contents of the session paper, they broadly lay down three points: 

  • What the nomination course of apply to
  • The position of nominees with respect to authorized heirs and wills
  • The strategy of appointing nominees

It is usually very clearly underscored that nomination is an ‘completely non-compulsory course of’. The advice SEBI makes is that in a single person-held demat account, a transparent declaration be made that they don’t want to assign a nominee. That is merely a measure for the sake of procedural ease and readability.

The one factor to bear in mind earlier than studying the paper is the excellence between nominees and authorized heirs, which might usually be a degree of confusion for a layperson. As highlighted by varied monetary specialists and publications, nominees aren’t authorized heirs to the securities. They’re merely momentary custodians who’re answerable for guaranteeing the securities are appropriately transferred to the authorized heirs, as per a will or regulation. They’re akin to an executor of a will on this regard, however for a particular asset, on this case, securities.

Within the paper, SEBI gives strategies on processes for a way nominees may be appointed and the way they need to act. Nominees may be appointed by way of digital strategies for ease, nevertheless, security is saved in thoughts on this course of as properly by guaranteeing the requirement of a digital signature or Aadhaar-based eSigns. One wants to offer identification of the proposed nominee(s) as properly. Along with this, bodily nomination by way of thumb impressions and verification additionally continues to be proposed.

It gives varied situations, equivalent to sole accounts, joint accounts, simultaneous deaths of account holders amongst others, and the way a nominee can be given cost of the account for the following steps in every case. It additionally lays down which authorized heirs are entitled to the securities in circumstances of joint accounts, and many others.

You’ll be able to learn a extra detailed abstract of the paper, and supply your suggestions on it by 8 March, 2024, on the Civis Platform here.

Civis is a civic-tech organisation that aggregates and simplifies draft legal guidelines and insurance policies which might be open for public suggestions, with the aim of creating the method as easy for you as attainable.

The session paper has been hosted with a abstract which you can learn in an accessible format, in each English and Hindi, and provides your suggestions.

This text was written by the staff at, a non-profit platform that works to construct dialogue between governments and residents, utilizing know-how to bridge the hole between the 2.

Edited by Padmashree Pande.

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