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  • Cryptocurrency role in today's world. #Cryptocurrency #Technology

    By Newspointworld → Saturday, 20 February 2021


    Cryptocurrency role in today's world.

    Today I will talk to you about cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency is growing very fast all over the world. Cryptocurrency has many benefits in our life, it also causes a lot of losses. Today we will discus about them, so let's start.

    Cryptocurrency is seen as a virtual currency, it is a completely digital currency, in which we can do transactions with anyone digitally, in whatever currency.

    People adapt to virtual currency very quickly and see a lot of benefit in it. Many applications give you some coins to work in that application. Similarly, one of the biggest names that comes to us is Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

    The biggest disadvantage of cryptocurrency that comes to us is that its prices are kept up and down, there is never any stability inside it.

    Due to lack of stability, the government forbids people from using cryptocurrency, the government is afraid that somewhere a lot of money of a common man may be used by someone to blow it away.

    Although cryptocurrency has been recognized in some countries, there are many countries which stand in support of it, but we can never forget that it can cause a lot of damage to the common man as well.

    Bitcoin and such cryptocurrencies have been completely banned in India. Looking at the goremment of India, this decision takes the decision that no cryptocurrency company can take advantage of the people. 

    Cryptocurrency can be a profitable deal for the people, but for this the government of all the world will have to invest in it and there is a fear in the people that not all our money will be blown away.

    We have seen a lot of cyber-attacks in which we have seen how bitcoins were blown out of people's accounts.

    We have seen a lot of cyber-attack, given that the government has bab in a lot of countries because it is completely a direct transfer system and it uses a blockchain so that one can transfer money to another.

    There is a lot of danger in this cryptocurrency transaction due to lack of government intervention.

    Cryptocurrency also benefits a lot of people because if we see the volatility of it, then it also benefits a lot of people and also makes a loss, just as the stock market works, in the same way bitcoin its price also up down Keeps happening.

    Given this, the government should control this, this is our opinion and we can see how we can use this futuristic system.

    Please Share your thoughts about Cryptocurrency in Comment Box.

  • James Naismith: James Naismith did something like discovering basketball game, Google created Doodle #JamesNaismith #Basketball #Google #Doodle #Sports #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld → Friday, 15 January 2021

    James Naismith: James Naismith did something like discovering basketball game.

    Basketball inventor James Naismith: Google keeps making doodles of famous figures every day. On January 15, Google has made a doodle in the name of Dr. James Naismith. Because Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1981. Naismith was a professor, teacher and coach by profession. 

    Also Read - Tandav Review: Dimple Kapadia is the real 'hero', Saif Ali Khan is a little faded #Tandav #SaifAliKhan #MoviesReview #Newspointworld

    Please tell that Naismith had discussed the game of basketball and its rules through The Triangle newspaper. It is said that this game was started in a gym which is played today on a global level. Let us tell you that Basquetball is a sport played in more than 200 countries.

    Please tell that Naismith was a trainer in 1890 in Springfield, WIMC International Training College. During this time he was given the task of preparing an indoor game. After this Naismith started playing basketball with a football ball and with some rules.

    In the initial stages, this game was played in places like Berlin, America, Germany etc. But over time, it gained popularity and is played today in hundreds of countries. Google has expressed respect for James Naismith by making a doodle in his doodle. 

    #JamesNaismith #Basketball #Google #Doodle #Sports #Newspointworld

  • Tandav Review: Dimple Kapadia is the real 'hero', Saif Ali Khan is a little faded #Tandav #SaifAliKhan #MoviesReview #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld → Thursday, 14 January 2021
    Tandav poster : Instagram

    Tandav Review: Dimple Kapadia is the real 'hero', Saif Ali Khan is a little faded.

    Acting in the same series as 'Tandav', the name of the film is impressive, but unlike the name, the story is slow. This web series is a political drama. In the series, it is fully shown how the political equation changes from time to time. How cheating and deceit in politics happens at every turn is shown mainly in this story. The leaders' love for the chair and then the game of playing tricks for the chair is shown well in this film. It is clear after watching the series that this chair play is not right or wrong, it is politics and it is for such power and strength.

    Now, let us explain how the story begins. As soon as the series (Tandav) starts, it is written on the screen, 'Bhai Hum To Cheat Kha Gaya ...' The story begins as soon as the rule of right-wing party Jan Lok Dal (JLD) is shown in the country. . Jan Lok Dal is going to win the general election for the third time and this time also it is almost certain that Devaki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dhulia) will become the Prime Minister, but just before the results of the election, news of Devaki Nandan's death comes. In such a situation, now the contender for the post of Prime Minister is Samki Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan), son of Devki Nandan. But they say that no one knows how the camel will turn in politics. The political equation changes in such a way that Anuradha Kishore (Dimple Kapadia), who has been 'special' for Devaki Nandan for thirty years, becomes Dimpla Kapadia PM.

    Kahani turns from here. How the political game goes, the series revolves around this. With this, an attempt has been made to show the status of the country in the series. Two aspects of the country are shown in the series. The first aspect, where Shining India, the sixty-knot of politicians and industrialists, is shown. On the other side is the country where the general public, farmers and laborers are struggling.

    Along with this, emphasis has been laid on student politics in the series (Tandav). It has been shown how people raise their voice in the streets of the university and its echo reaches across the country. The film shows the recent politics of the country, where you will hear a police officer in the film saying, 'Now the terrorists are not coming from across the border. They are being prepared in these universities. In this student politics, the coin of Shiva Shekhar (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) is shown flashing, due to which people set high expectations.

    It has become a matter of what the story is. Now come what are the flaws in this series. The 'Tandava' was confined to the turmoil of politics, the story does not go into much depth. The common man of the country also understands the politics shown in the series. The opening part is very slow for the series. After five-six episodes, the series thrills. So people need a lot of patience to watch it, but once the story catches the flow, you will not be able to lose sight because the story may be a bit dull, but the acting is good. There are some incidents, which you will be able to relate to the real events.

    In the series (Tandav), Muslim citizens are shown a soft target of power. At the same time, the angle of student politics is running on the track, then it seems to get derailed somewhere. At the same time, the peasant movement is also shown in the story. One drawback is that all the events are completely separate from each other and it is not possible for an audience to see all of them by relaying them, because in reality these things have happened in different time frames. Some characters and events are shown in the documentary style. It is a mere coincidence that you will find some things inspired by true events, but the story is completely fictional.

    The most effective of all artistes is Dimple Kapadia. You will feel connected to his character and will not be able to remove his eyes. At the same time, Saif Ali Khan's work is also good. He has got the advantage of being a mail lead, but he is not settling as a dictator, but in the last parts of the series, his character appears in front of Nikhar and he is seen playing the role of King Maker. Sunil Grover's character may not be very big, but his work is fantastic. The work of other artists is also very good. Along with this, there is a glimpse of Pataudi Palace in the background in the series. Camerawork and character outfits are very good.

    #Tandav #SaifAliKhan #MoviesReview #Newspointworld

  • Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez will perform at Joe Biden's swearing ceremony #JoeBiden #JenniferLopez #LadyGaga #World

    By Newspointworld →
    File photo

    Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez will perform at Joe Biden's swearing ceremony. 

    Hollywood veterans will be seen performing at the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected US President Joe Biden. On January 20, the famous pop singers Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez will tie the knot with their stunning performances. Let me tell you that Lady Gaga openly supported Biden during the election campaign. At the same time, the security arrangements for swearing have also been attentive. Additional security forces have been deployed in the capital in view of fears of violence by supporters of Donald Trump.

    According to media reports, Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem at the swearing-in ceremony of Joe Biden on 20 January. At the same time, Jennifer Lopez will give a different musical performance. In addition, the 90-minute prime-time program titled 'Celebrating America' will also feature American composers John Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake and Ant Clemmons. Like Gaga, Lopez also supported Joe Biden in the US presidential election. After this ceremony, famous Hollywood actor and comedian Tom Hanks will host a special television show.

    Singer Lady Gaga has appeared with Joe Biden several times. In 2016, she attended a program to deal with sexual harassment with Biden. While Jennifer Lopez took part in a virtual chat with him in October. On the other hand, keeping in mind the Capitol Hill violence, the security of all major business centers in Washington has been tightened. Intelligence agencies have expressed apprehension that Trump supporters may spread violence in many places on 20 January. The FBI is monitoring many people and there may be some arrests soon.

    Trump will decide on 19 :

    After the impeachment motion was passed in the House of Representatives, all eyes are now on the Senate. The proposal will be presented in the Upper House i.e. the Senate on 19 January. If the impeachment motion is passed here too, Donald Trump will be removed from the presidency. However, his term expires on 20 January anyway. Significantly, 10 Republican MPs were also among those who voted in favor of impeachment in the House of Representatives.

    #JoeBiden #JenniferLopez #LadyGaga #World #Newspointworld

  • Pakistan is spreading confusion on Kashmir with British MPs, India protests #Pakistan #British #Kashmir #India #World #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →

    Imran Khan (File Photo)

    On the issue of Kashmir, Pakistan, which is mouth-watering everywhere, is now trying to execute its nefarious plans through some British MPs. In the debate on Kashmir in the British Parliament, some MPs have presented false and misleading facts, which clearly point towards Pakistan's conspiracy. However, India has strongly opposed it. On behalf of New Delhi, it has been said that the facts presented by the British MPs are wrong and Pakistan had made them available to the concerned MPs as part of their propaganda campaign.

    This is the reason for the apprehension :

    The possibility of a Pakistani conspiracy against India is reinforced because the British MPs who participated in the debate usually stay away from the parliamentary debate. The debate was held on Wednesday in the Westminster Hall of the House of Commons in Britain. The subject of debate was 'Political Situation in Kashmir'. The Indian Embassy in London has said that the subject of this debate is going to create confusion. India gave a befitting reply

    The Indian Embassy strongly objected to the debate in Parliament and said that as far as the Union Territory of India, Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, all the factual information about it is in public. These information are recorded by date. Ignoring these information, it is wrong to discuss any third country by believing in the propaganda. In its statement, the embassy further said that the debate discussed genocide, government violence and oppression in Kashmir, which is beyond the facts.

    Britain explained its stand : 

    After registering India's protest, Britain presented a clarification saying that the views of MPs do not reflect the views of the British Government on Kashmir. Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Minister Nigel Adams said, "This is not Britain's intention about Kashmir." Britain does not intend to mediate between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. However, he believes that the human rights situation on both sides of the Line of Control is a matter of concern '. He further said that the policy of British Government regarding Kashmir is clear, stable and unchanged. Britain believes that Kashmir is a bilateral issue which India and Pakistan should resolve through negotiations.

  • Link AADHAAR to mobile immediately for Corona vaccine ! #COVID-19 #Aadhaar #Vaccine #India #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →
    Symbolic Photo

    Link AADHAAR to mobile immediately for Corona vaccine. Let's talk.

    The Aadhaar card has become the basis of many schemes of the Government of India, but now lives have also been added to it. Yes, from January 16, your Aadhaar will become the most important document, because it will be needed not only in government schemes, but also in getting the Corona vaccine. 

    The Government of India has announced the commencement of the world's largest vaccination drive from 16 January. The government has decided to install the corona vaccine along with 3 crore corona front workers as well as people above 50 years of age and those suffering from serious diseases (below 50 years).

    The government has decided to apply the vaccine only when the Aadhar card is linked to the mobile number. For this, people will need to register, which will be identified by the Aadhar and OTP on the mobile number associated with it. This is the reason that now Aadhaar is also connected with the lives of common people. 

    The government has made it necessary to link PAN card to Aadhaar. Not only this, Aadhaar has become a necessary document for opening an account with a bank. Aadhar-linked PAN card is also mandatory for filling ITR. In such a situation, from January 16, Aadhaar will surely become the most important document in the life of common people. 

    Currently, Aadhaar is used to get government subsidies, government schemes such as direct benefit transfer. Even the amount of 2000 rupees that the farmers get quarterly is also found in the Aadhaar linked account. The Government of India has created a Co-Win digital platform for corona vaccination. 

    In which the process of identification will be completed only after the OTP arrives on the mobile connected to Aadhaar. Not only this, a digital vaccination certificate will also be generated immediately upon receiving the first dose of the vaccine. And from here, you will get a reminder for the second dose. If you do not have an Aadhaar linked mobile number, you will not be included in the vaccination.

    #COVID-19 #Aadhaar #Vaccine #India #Newspointworld

  • Noida : Mahesh Sharma will be the first MP of the country to have the entire family get COVID-19 vaccine #COVID-19 #Vaccine #India #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →
    Symbolic picture

    Mahesh Sharma will be the first MP of the country to have the entire family get COVID-19 vaccine in Noida.

    The biggest campaign of Corona Vaccination is going to start soon in India. In such a situation, Noida MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma has decided to install Corona Vaccine with his entire family. He will be the first MP in the country to visit the Corona Vaccination Center with the family and get vaccinated.

    The campaign will start from January 16
    Let us tell you that recently DCGI had approved the emergency use of two corona vaccines (covishield and covaxine). 

    A few days later, the Union Health Ministry had announced to start this campaign from 16 January. In the first phase of vaccination, 3 crore health workers and front line corona warriors will be vaccinated. In this, two doses of the vaccine will be given in an interval of 28 days.

    Both Corona vaccines are completely safe

    At the same time, on the news of the side effects of the vaccine that came from many countries, Dr. V.K. Paul said that these two vaccines have been tested on thousands of people. Both vaccines have been found completely safe in the trial and there is no danger from them. He said that the side effects of these vaccines have been found to be negligible. So people do not have to worry. Vaccines are completely safe.

    #COVID-19 #Vaccine #India #Newspointworld
  • Latest News - Central leadership took class of Rajasthan BJP leaders #BJP #Rajasthan #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld → Saturday, 9 January 2021


    JP Nadda

    After Satish Poonia became the state president, the first review meeting of the state BJP took place in Delhi on Thursday. National President JP Nadda and Organization General Secretary BL Santosh took the class of state leaders on the BJP's performance in the panchayat and civic elections in Rajasthan.

    The meeting was attended by Rajasthan BJP President Satish Poonia, Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria, Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore, Union Minister Kailash Choudhary, Arjun Meghwal, besides State Organization Minister Chandrashekhar and Pradesh In-charge Arun Singh was also present.

    During the review meeting JP Nadda, BL Santosh expressed satisfaction with BJP's performance in Panchayat Raj Election, while the central leadership expressed its displeasure over the party's performance in the civic elections. According to sources, JP Nadda and BL Santosh told the state leaders that often the urban voters belong to the BJP but due to the mutual pull of big leaders in the party and the fight for supremacy, the BJP suffered a lot in the civic elections. If all the party leaders were united during the panchayat elections, then the Barmer Road Bikaner report would have also become the BJP. Rajendra Rathore due to lack of board in Dholpur Municipal Body, Arjun Meghwal in Bikaner due to lack of votes in BJP and Kailash Chaudhary's class was taken fiercely after losing the victory in Barmer.

    It is being told that during the Panchayat Election, the BJP's board continued to be formed by ignoring Colonel Sonaram in Barmer, hence BL Santosh told Kailash Chaudhary that the big If you had kept Colonel Sonaram with you with heart, you would have got the credit of making BJP vote for the first time after independence in Barmer, but due to mutual pullout, the party suffered a lot. It is being told that Colonel Sonaram had conveyed the complaint of Union Minister Kailash Chaudhary to the All Central Leadership.

    Meghwal got reprimanded for son's panchayati :

    In Bikaner, despite having won more than BJP, the BJP expressed a lot of displeasure at the central leadership for not getting votes. Sources say that Bikaner BJP leaders have conveyed to the central leadership that due to the interference and ticket distribution of the son of Union Minister Arjun Meghwal, the party suffered a lot in Bikaner and the BJP could not get votes. It is being told that on the complaint, the central leadership, while stating Arjun Meghwal, said that the party suffered a lot due to not keeping everyone together to distribute tickets according to their choice. BL Santosh gave very strict instructions to Arjun Meghwal and said that everyone will have to take along.

    Rathore got class on Manmarji in Dholpur civic election :

    The central leadership expressed its displeasure with the BJP's performance in the recently concluded civic elections. Particularly in the Dholpur civic election, the former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje was heavily burdened by supersede and then did not consult in making the board. The central leadership reprimanded Rajendra Rathore for this. In the meeting held on Thursday, the central leadership reviewed the complaints of other state leaders.

    Sources say that former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje (Vasundhara Raje) had apprised the National President about the Dholpur Municipal Council Election (Dholpur Municipal Council Election) and based on the feedback received by state in-charge Arun Singh recently, BL Santosh Rajendra Rathore He was reprimanded and said that everyone will have to take along.

    Party getting weak in the battle of supremacy :

    Sources say that state in-charge Arun Singh had recently visited the state. During this time, MPs, MLAs and activists had given feedback to Arun Singh that the workers in the party have become less and more leaders, so nobody worries the party, big leaders are becoming chief ministers and younger leaders are working for their personal interests. . A review meeting was organized on the basis of this feedback and placed before the national president.

    #BJP #Rajasthan #Newspointworld

  • Nora Fatehi danced to 'Body' song #NoraFatehi #Body #Entertainment #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →
    Nora Fatehi - File Photo

    Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi is a great dancer, everyone knows this. She puts a different level of energy in every song from her dance that everyone is forced to swing. On the other hand, Nora often shares her dance videos with her fans on social media, which become viral on sight. Something similar happened this time too. Recently, Nora Fatehi has shared a new dance video of her, which people are very fond of.

    Nora danced on 'Body' song

    Nora Fatehi has shared the video on her Instagram account showing her best moves on 'Body' song with choreographer Rajit Dev. As usual, this time Nora's dance is getting a lot of applause. His fans are constantly giving their feedback on this video. In this viral video, Nora Fatehi is looking very stylish wearing a sleeveless top, shorts, and cap with. Let us know that this video of Nora has got more than 38 lakh views so far.

    She will be seen in 'Bhuj: The Pride of India'

    Talk about Nora Fatehi's workfront very soon, in the film 'Bhuj: The Pride of India' (Ajay Devgn) and Sonakshi Sinha (Sonakshi Sinha) and Sanjay Dutt (Bhuj: The Pride of India) Sanjay Dutt).

    #NoraFatehi #Body #Entertainment #Newspointworld

  • New variant of Covid-19 did not come from Britain, already existed in the country: France Health Ministry #France #World #Covid19 #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →

    File Photo

    According to media reports, new variants of coronavirus have been found in Rennes, France. This creates an atmosphere of chaos in France. Actually people who have been found infected in a child care center near Rennes, France. They do not match the new variants of UK's Kovid-19.

    Two clusters of new variants surfaced in France :

    According to the French Ministry of Health, two clusters of new variants of Corona have been detected in a care home in Bagneux, a southern suburb of Paris and in the Brittany region of western France. The Health Ministry said, "We are clearly trying to identify other groups." According to the ministry, seven people and two staff living in a care home near the city of Rennes have been found infected with new variants of the virus.

    The ministry said that the final test report of these people can come by the beginning of next week. A new strain of corona virus has also been found in a person in Bagnex. However, authorities did not find any evidence of contact between the infected person and anyone traveling from Britain. Regarding this, the Ministry said that this is evidence that the mutant virus is already spreading in France. On the other hand, infectious disease specialist Matthew Revett of Rennes University Hospital said, "The disease of the infected people does not seem to be any different from the existing virus because the analysis showed that these cases had a link with England somewhere."

    The French Ministry of Health says that so far 19 people infected with the new variant have been identified in France. Some of these cases have been reported, which have been infected by a different variant. Let us know that this variant was first revealed in South Africa. After that it is now spreading rapidly in Europe. The Ministry says that after the cases of new variants of Corona have come up, the speed of investigation of samples has been increased here. Also, arrangements have been made to keep the people in whom a new strain will be found in a tight isolation.

    French Prime Minister Jean Castex said his country would continue the travel ban on its border with Britain until further orders. Until the situation is corrected, this border will not be opened to the public. He said that the government is taking all measures to protect France from these variants of Corona. These include speeding up the investigation, isolation, travel restrictions and everything else.

    #France #World #Covid19 #Newspointworld

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan was seen enjoying with her girl gang #KareenaKapoorKhan #Entertainment #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →

    Instagram : Kareena Kapoor

     While sharing the photo, Kareena Kapoor wrote in the caption- 'Reuined. Missing lolo

    Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan partyed with her girl gang. She has posted photos on social media with friends other than Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora, which is being liked by the fans.

    Kareena is enjoying her pregnancy these days. She is pregnant for the second time and soon to be a mother. Saif and Kareena married in 2012 and in 2016, Kareena gave birth to their first child, Timur. Kareena is yet to become a mother for the second time and she frequently shares photos of her pregnancy days on social media. 

    #KareenaKapoorKhan #Entertainment #Newspointworld

  • IND vs AUS Sydney Test: Rishabh Pant succumbed to injury #INDvsAUS #BCCI #Cricket #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →


    When Pat Cummins was throwing 86th over, his ball hit Rishabh Pant's left elbow. Due to the intense pain, he sat on his knees on the ground. Fijio had to be called on the field, after a while he started batting again but he could not stay on the pitch for long and was dismissed by 36 runs.

    The BCCI has given an update regarding Pant through its official Twitter handle. The Indian board wrote, 'Rishabh Pant got hurt while batting during the second session. He has now been taken for scan. Everyone is now waiting for their medical report.

    Wriddhiman Saha came to the wicketkeeping field as a substitute in Australia's second innings, due to which the suspense about Pant's injury has increased. If the injury is deep, he will not be able to bat in the second innings of the Sydney Test and the danger may increase even if he plays in the Brisbane Test. 

    #INDvsAUS #BCCI #Cricket #Newspointworld

  • Trump attacked Twitter with official account, Now we will bring our Platform! #Trump #World #Twitter #Newspointworld

    By Newspointworld →

    File Photo

    US President Donald Trump is shocked by the action of Twitter. He took out his anger by tweeting through the President's official Twitter handle after the personal account was closed. He lashed out at the microblogging site, alleging that Twitter was trying to end free speech in collaboration with Democrats. Not only this, Trump also talked about preparing his new platform, where he can openly talk about himself.

    After Capitol Hill violence, Twitter has taken a strong step and permanently closed Donald Trump's account. Trump used the official Twitter handle to respond to the company's actions. He said, 'I have been saying for a long time that Twitter is banning' free speech 'and today it closed my account with the Democrats and the hard left to silence me'. However, Twitter also deleted Trump's tweet in a few minutes.

    #Trump #World #Twitter #Newspointworld