Thursday, April 18, 2024

Do small automobile drivers have an unfair repute?


It comes, I suppose, from years of expertise and conditioning. There are back-of-mind stereotypes about small automobiles. See a Ford Fiesta or Fiat 500? That shall be a younger budget-limited purchaser with locations to go.

See a really outdated, very low cost small automobile? That shall be pushed by a middle-aged, blue-collar bloke who fixes it himself and drives all over the place at eleven-tenths. See a fairly new, very clear Honda Jazz? Come on, you outdated duffer – get a flipping transfer on.

I ponder how continuously this stops individuals shopping for what could possibly be one of the best and most fitted automobile they may by no means personal. I really like the Picanto and its Hyundai i10 sibling. 

They’re two of one of the best issues I may and will most likely purchase as a household every day runner. However when it got here to purchasing, one factor that will play on my thoughts can be understanding that as I handed automobiles on the motorway, there can be some berk behind me, impatiently gesturing me to get out of the overtaking lane, as a result of he can be pondering precisely like, er, I’d.

Will this go on ceaselessly, I ponder? The market is in its largest section of disruption for a century. The place do newer gamers sit?

Teslas appear to be pushed with the identical motorway, um, ‘spirit’ as Audis or Mercedes. In my thoughts, GWM, maker of the Ora 03 (previously the Funky Cat), is a bit Proton and it’s a bit quickly to inform about BYD.

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