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New variant of Covid-19 did not come from Britain, already existed in the country: France Health Ministry #France #World #Covid19 #Newspointworld

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According to media reports, new variants of coronavirus have been found in Rennes, France. This creates an atmosphere of chaos in France. Actually people who have been found infected in a child care center near Rennes, France. They do not match the new variants of UK's Kovid-19.

Two clusters of new variants surfaced in France :

According to the French Ministry of Health, two clusters of new variants of Corona have been detected in a care home in Bagneux, a southern suburb of Paris and in the Brittany region of western France. The Health Ministry said, "We are clearly trying to identify other groups." According to the ministry, seven people and two staff living in a care home near the city of Rennes have been found infected with new variants of the virus.

The ministry said that the final test report of these people can come by the beginning of next week. A new strain of corona virus has also been found in a person in Bagnex. However, authorities did not find any evidence of contact between the infected person and anyone traveling from Britain. Regarding this, the Ministry said that this is evidence that the mutant virus is already spreading in France. On the other hand, infectious disease specialist Matthew Revett of Rennes University Hospital said, "The disease of the infected people does not seem to be any different from the existing virus because the analysis showed that these cases had a link with England somewhere."

The French Ministry of Health says that so far 19 people infected with the new variant have been identified in France. Some of these cases have been reported, which have been infected by a different variant. Let us know that this variant was first revealed in South Africa. After that it is now spreading rapidly in Europe. The Ministry says that after the cases of new variants of Corona have come up, the speed of investigation of samples has been increased here. Also, arrangements have been made to keep the people in whom a new strain will be found in a tight isolation.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said his country would continue the travel ban on its border with Britain until further orders. Until the situation is corrected, this border will not be opened to the public. He said that the government is taking all measures to protect France from these variants of Corona. These include speeding up the investigation, isolation, travel restrictions and everything else.

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